What is SuperRad?

SuperRad is a new coaching experience, created by snowboarders who love snowboarding.

SuperRad is designed for you to have as much fun as possible, and get super rad on your snowboard!

We like to build from giving you strong technical understanding of riding your snowboard, while finding your own creativity and style so that you can shred all over the mountains, whatever the situation.

We realize the differences in every snowboarder, therefore, SuperRad is not about just learning skills. We think it’s about taking these skills to where you want to use them, which could be on the piste, in the snowpark or into the backcountry.

With our coaching, great accommodation and great locations, SuperRad is dedicated to giving you an amazing snowboarding and learning experience.

Why is SuperRad different?

SuperRad coaching involves not only developing a solid riding style, but helps you learn how to use it all over the mountain, for maximum radness! Your learning is going to be on overdrive as you explore new ideas, learn from your feedback and get pushed out of and back into your comfort zone, all at your own pace.

SuperRad coaches pride themselves on their intuition and ability to tune in to and accommodate the learning of the individual. Everyone is different, everyone has their own style, and we love that! Whatever you like to ride, and whatever style of riding, we’ve got that covered! Getting coached by SuperRad will change the way you see snowboarding, and we promise, it will be a ton of fun!

Get Super Rad!

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